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Style Fit UMN-139-05.24 0.5mm Single Pen Black


Style Fit UMN-139-05.24 0.5mm Single Pen Black


You will never going back to your dull old pen once you start use Style Fit!

The Style Fit family includes the Single Colour Slim Gel Pens. These slender pens are the same size and shape as the Standard Single Colour Pen Body but come with a Style Fit gel refill. They are available in all the colours and sizes of the gel refills and can take any of the other Style Fit refill components. These silver-bodied pens feature coloured push tabs that match the included refill and display its tip size. They are excellent for people who prefer using several individual pens and want to be able to identify colour and size at a glance.

The Style Fit gel refills contain Uni-ball’s best-selling Signo ink, known for its smoothness and vibrancy. This archival pigment-based ink is waterproof, fade-resistant, feather-resistant, and prevents check washing.

3 Different tip size, 16 Different colours to choose from!

The ultra-thin 0.28 mm tip size has significant feedback, especially on low-quality paper, but that is typical of small tip sizes. It may occasionally skip slightly but overall lays down a consistent line. The colors are clear and bright. This size is best for people who have small handwriting or need to write clearly in tiny spaces, like book margins or calendar squares.

The 0.38 mm tip size seems almost as thin as the 0.28 mm, except with bolder colors. We experienced much less feedback with this tip size and no skipping at all. This size is a good option for those who want a consistently smooth-writing thin line.

The 0.5 mm tip size is not thick, but it is noticeably wider than the smaller two sizes. It is extremely smooth - when testing, we found this size the most enjoyable to write with. For those who have larger handwriting or who prioritize smoothness, the 0.5 mm is the way to go.


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Style Fit UMN-139-05.24 0.5mm Single Pen Black

Style Fit UMN-139-05.24 0.5mm Single Pen Black

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