Great news!

We now have a new website of more cutter looks!

We have migrated most of customers to the new website until 8th April. However we did not migrate legacy orders.

Below is the changes between new and legacy websites

Legacy website New website Note
Login New sign up only be accepted by end of May 2023(*), it will not transffered to the new website!

We have migrated users from legacy website as of 8th April 2023

Please sign up on new website
Products All existing products are available as is. New products will be added until end of May 2023(*) All the existing and new products are available Please use new website for new product shopping!

Keeping all existing orders.

New orders only be accepted until end of May 2023(*)

Only new orders on new website

Please use new website for new orders

Please use legacy website for check legacy orders

Loyalty Points Keeping all existing loyalty points New loyalty points given at orders Please use all new loyalty points on legacy website
Online vouchers

Keeping all existing online vouchers

No new online vouchers will be issued

New online vouchers will be issued

Please contact us for transfer existing online vouchers for use it on new website

New website link :

Legacy website link :

Thank you for your understanding!