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Coro Coro Kuririn


Debut Year:1997

Birthplace:The pet shop in the town where his owner live(maybe)

Birthday:4-Feb (Little girl owner determined by the day he came to the house)

Corocorokuririn is sometimes a little impatient but he is a very curious golden hamster. You can always recognise him by his favorite flower hat. He can chew on just about anything but his favorite food are cookies and sunflower seeds. He has a rare talent for crawling into narrow and small spaces. Corocorokuririn's sweetheart is Sakura, who has a friendly nature and is currently on diet. They have 7 children: Chibikuri, Komachi, Kurumi, Cherri, Shingo, Miruku and Chacha.

Coro Coro Kuririn


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