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Chammy Kitty


Debut Year:2004

Living Place:Hello Kitty's Home

Birthday:31-Oct (The Day that Kitty's Father gave Charmmykitty as a gift to Kitty : Determined by Kitty)

Charmmykitty is a white Persian cat that Hello Kitty's father gave her as a gift. She is well-mannered and quiet. Hello Kitty gave her the charming, laced-lined ribbon she wears on her left ear. She loves the shiny trinkets that Hello Kitty collects. Her signature look is the key necklace which is the key to an antique jewelry box that Kitty found in the forest. It is a special key that brings luck to whoever wears it. Charmmykitty is great friend with Dear Daniel's pet Djungarian hamster named Sugar.

Chammy Kitty


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