Our stores

Here you can find our store locations. Please feel free to contact us:

Store nameStore addressWorking hours
Sanrio Gift Gate NorthWest Northwest Shopping Centre 1 Fred Taylor Drive, Massey 0814 Auckland City

Phone: 09 213 0088
Email: info@sanrio.nz

Next to Westpac Bank

Monday:  9AM - 6PM

Tuesday:  9AM - 6PM

Wednesday:  9AM - 6PM

Thursday:  9AM - 9PM

Friday:  9AM - 7PM

Saturday:  9AM - 6PM

Sunday:  9AM - 6PM

Sanrio Gift Gate Auckland Shop G8, Canterbury Arcade 166 Queen Street 1010 Auckland City

Phone: 09 281 9121
Email: info@sanrio.nz

Inside Canterbury Arcade. Also accessible from 47 High Street

Monday:  10AM - 6PM

Tuesday:  10AM - 6PM

Wednesday:  10AM - 6PM

Thursday:  10AM - 6PM

Friday:  10AM - 6PM

Saturday:  10AM - 6PM

Sunday:  11AM - 5PM

Sanrio Gift Gate Albany Unit O, 6 Rosedale Road Pinehill 0632 Auckland

Phone: 092130088
Email: sales@kittyshop.co.nz

Monday:  11AM - 5PM

Tuesday:  11AM - 5PM

Wednesday:  CLOSED

Thursday:  11AM - 5PM

Friday:  11AM - 5PM

Saturday:  11AM - 5PM

Sunday:  1PM - 5PM